Our God is not a Laissez-faire Ruler

Habakkuk 1:3
Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrongdoing? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds.

In this passage, Habakkuk is crying out to God in frustration because of the things he is seeing in the society of his day. Doesn’t this passage sound as if it could have been written today? Who isn’t totally frustrated and deeply concerned by what we see and read in the news every single day?

Perhaps this frustration is carrying over into our own personal lives. Who among us hasn’t cried out to God for relief from the struggles of work, relationships, addictions, afflictions or even sin itself? How often do we begin to lose hope when we do not see immediate relief from our circumstances?

God has a response for us just as he had for Habakkuk when He said, “Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told”. Habakkuk 1:5

In His Holy Word, God is commanding us to look around us to see where He is working. He is not an idle, laissez-faire ruler. He wants us to have faith in who He says He is. He is actively involved in every single event in the world and in our lives. He is controlling all things for the ultimate perfect good of His children.

Let us look for God working in our lives and working in the world around us. Let us look for the wondrous works of Almighty God in each and every day. Let us rejoice in His faithfulness and mercy in our lives.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for all that You do to protect us and provide for us. We thank You for those things that You do that we cannot see. We know that these unseen wonders are never ending for we know that You are faithful to Your promises. We ask that You teach us how to live in complete faith that Your hand is on this world and on our lives. We pray that Your Holy Spirit strengthen us when our circumstances lead us to feel that Your hand is not upon us. May we exalt Your name for all that You do. We ask all these things in the name Our Most Blessed Wonder, Jesus Christ.

Published by

Charlie Brignac

Forever a student of the Word and a disciple of Jesus Christ, finding life applications in Scripture

One thought on “Our God is not a Laissez-faire Ruler”

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Too many people have forgotten what went wrong in the early days of our universe, how the first man rebelled against God and how God gave them the right to take care of the things themselves.

    Now the same people often blame God for the difficult times they get, not seeing that they themselves are at the cause of most of the problems in this world.

    Coming closer to the times of the Greater Agony, we should make sure that more people come to recognise how Jesus is the way to God and to salvation, him having it made possible to enter the small gate, to a better world where there shall be no hate or war, but only place for peace and happiness.

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